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Well my journey continues!  As the hot weather set in driving the gt6 became more than uncomfortable.  I had forgotten how wonderful top down driving is! The spitfire has seen some road time and is running as good as ever.  My frame rot is not as bad as i once believed; my drooping is due to a poor shock/spring and a badly adjusted bonnet(hood).  The spitfire still needs some attention in the form of u-joints/bearings/bushings.  And high on the list for the racing plan is a cambor compensator in the rear.

The GT6 is seeing some body/paint work.  I've gotten a whole new bonnet and fantastic shape and am currently stripping the many layers of paint of it.  I'll be taking it to the metal and sealing it up with some epoxy primer.  Then my adventure into paint will begin! exciting.

I will be definatly be putting both cars in the up coming Euro Show.  I'll be happily representing the "In Progress" class! 

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1970, Triumph, GT6+

my driveable dream.

1968, Triumph, Spitfire

soon to be race car...what fun it will be